Summer Shoes, Meet Fall

In this weird transition period known as August, we’re a bit directionless with our fashion seasonality. As we cling to summer, fall trends are in our peripherals begging to be adopted.

This becomes even more perplexing when it comes to shoes. It’s time to start nailing down those investment boots, statement sneakers, or business flats, but we also can’t fight the urge to flex our toes in some bright sandals.

It is during this time that a healthy balance of both suits the season. For summer shoes, keep in mind styling solutions for cold weather, or pick options that can be used for formal occasions.

For those fall styles, it’s hunting season.

So whether you’re still wearing your bathing suit as a top, or already prepping your layers, here are some season-bending shoes that will guide you seamlessly through the months.



Pair your new mules with complimentary tights or socks. Think fishnets and leather, or patterns and tassels for a geek-chic combo.

80’s Sling-Backs

always judging

Slingbacks are having a moment, and the chilly months are not stopping them. Once again, a sock or tight combo will do wonders, or break them out for a formal event.

Toe-Flexing Sandals


Asymmetry and toe-wiggling are officially in after Céline released its avant-garde Pirate sandals. These are too amazing to be utilized only three months a year, so let your toes fly free at your next formal event.

Statement Boots

810 (1)

Boots are made for talking this season, and they have a lot to say. Be sure to throw offensively loud patterns into the mix, as well as unapologetically clashing colors. via British Vogue

Off White Sneakers (with white pants)

dirty shoes white pants

In the spirit of breaking rules, wear white after Labor Day AND wear off-white or dirty sneakers with those forbidden slacks. After stumbling upon this shot from Always Judging, I fell in love with the combo. We all love monochrome, but shades of white are something else entirely.

Slouch Boots


Slouch boots paired with midi-skirts or cropped trousers will be all over the streets this fall. To truly stand out, find interesting color combos, patterns, or asymmetrical hemlines. @styleheroine

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