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When I was a wee fashionista I ironed patches onto my jeans. Nothing that took too much deliberation, it was basically a mess of all the things I felt a deep connection to: soccer balls, cupcakes, hotdogs, and the “oh snap” phrase. Essentially my pants were covered in emojis.

I am ecstatic to announce that the art of pasting inanimate objects onto clothing is back and is slightly more regal than my Limited Too-clad 11 year old self.

Similar to the high-low contrast, the juxtaposition of classic and cartoonish is severely refreshing. While it may seem to be an easy fix to sartorial boredom- like, hey, lets spice up this blazer with an appliqué watermelon, it is so much more.

Illustrations, cartoons, and pop culture references are nostalgic, relevant, and thought-provoking. Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen featured whimsical butterflies, horses, and timepieces on structured trench coats and leather dresses. A mix of reality and fantasy. A quick acid trip during a structured 9-5 life.

Jeremy Scott, who is fearless when it comes to his pop culture adaptations, adopted this trend by adorning an LBD with a plethora of cigarette-clad red lips. A sassy interpretation of a timeless classic with an instant mood-inducing effect.

It’s obvious, obnoxious, and stunning. My favorite stylistic approach to this trend is when objects are intertwined, connected to, and almost melt into one another resulting in an optical illusion of a  pleasing textured aesthetic from afar and a whimsical garden scene when viewed up close.

I think it’s the ability to put whatever we damn well please on our bodies that is so refreshing. We can make it bold and conspicuous or it can be applied artfully. Regardless, I will be wearing sloth-themed clothing for the rest of the season. Oh snap!

Jeremy Scott Fall 2016 Ready-To-Wearjs.jpgJeremy Scott Fall 2016 Ready-To-Wearalexander mcqueen.gifAlexander McQueen by Sarah Burton Fall 2016 Ready-To-WearamAlexander McQueen by Sarah Burton Fall 2016 Ready-To-Wear5916fifthave7894WEB.jpg 

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