Minimal vs. Maximal

Similar to how seasons change and flowers bloom our sartorial tastes rotate magically to keep us on our toes. What if certain trends were as predictable as leaves falling or seasonal depression? What if the foundations of our styling preferences were on a cycle?

I believe this is the case with minimalism and maxism. (Maxism being the boisterous cousin of minimalism and a clever word I stole from Refinery29.)

Keep in mind these are macro trends so they have a longer life expectancy. They are also umbrella trends meaning an abundance of other trends fall beneath them. These particular umbrellas can shield a family of six, therefore encompassing hundreds of other micro trends which aids in their longevity.

Minimalism and Maxism have returned about every 1o years or so. We had the 80’s, offensively maxist, and then the squeaky clean 90’s when the bellybutton was the most compelling accessory. The 2000’s were the decade of ostentatious dressing. Rhinestones and Ed Hardy happened. Never forget. It also ended with the high-drama  of Alexander Mcqueen’s penultimate collection in 2009.

While the beginning of the 2010’s was not blatantly minimal the rest of the decade caught up quickly. We began to embrace less because we exhausted the idea of more. Over-indulgence and pretentious display became unsavory. Our fashion-forward uniform for conscious consumption became simplicity.

But soon, guaranteed we will become bored with our modesty. Ethics within the consumer realm will continue to thrive because modes of living tend to stick. But, aesthetically speaking, eccentric fashion will cartwheel itself out of the closet. Bold colors, clashing patterns, and attention-deficit dressing will be the industry’s new comfort zone.

While the span of life for these macro trends used to last a decade- our current age of immediate information has put trend cycles into hyper speed. Which is why minimalism will devolve by the end of this year.

Don’t worry minimalism will be a thing like how maxist dressing is a thing now. One will simply surpass the other in prominence. Also, save your monochromatic sets.. they will be back soon enough.

But Ed Hardy will not.. Ed was beaten, bludgeoned, set on fire, and buried six feet deep in a rhinestone coffin.

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