Now Trending: Split Personalities

We often dress according to how we feel. It’s an understandable concept until you realize feelings are complex and outfits are not encompassing of our daily mood changes. Luckily, thanks to a few pioneering designers, this year’s latest designs have taken an ambiguous turn.

Riding on the back of the “more is more” mantra is duo-dressing. These new designs hailing from fashion month stem from either an indecisiveness or genius collaboration resulting in Two-Face inspired models on the runway. Duo-dressing incorporates everything we love: color-blocking, mismatched patterns, the newly-coveted quirky aesthetic, and, of course, being indecisive. Just the other day, I actually thought about wearing two different pairs of shoes, then told myself to calm down.

Whether it’s  organized chaos or a seamless duo-chromatic number, the side-by-side placement emboldens both personalities. You can channel YSL circa 1965 or an Elizabethan princess with multiple personality disorder. The choice is yours.

It’s beautiful, absurd, and simply put- awesome. Piggybacking on Now Trending: Random Shit, I love when quirky fashion is placed on a pedestal. Just like random imagery, duo-dressing widens our comfort zones and extends an invitation to do whatever we please. These two looks in particular tap into our adolescent desires to wear a watermelon on our sweater, or wear all our favorite clothes at once.

Simply put, there’s a sense of freedom there, as long as you color within the lines.


Emilia Wickstead






Cédric Charlier



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