Wear In The Now


What are the longest lasting trends?

Boho Chic? Grunge? This infectious athleisure wave?

The reason for their permanence is because these styles are a reflection of lifestyles. Lifestyles are a response to socioeconomics. Boho and grunge were both an immediate display of rejection of norms. Whether it’s a free spirit beatnik or an angsty metal head, style was a passive aggressive fuck you slogan to conventional ideals.

Athleisure is a bit different, but once again it is a statement. Now more than ever health is the core of our priorities. To be healthy is to  be trendy, and leggings are now gateway drugs to an entire closet of spandex.


A less ubiquitious trend, but impactful nonetheless is the pajama trend. No, this trend does not mean we value a horizontal life. It means, we embrace comfort and freedom of movement. Angular fashions, shoulder pads, and even non-stretch jeans are foreign at the moment. Keep in mind we are not forsaking our sartorial priorities, we are simply shifting them to align with the mood of the moment.

All I’m trying to say is.. get used to these styles. Athleisure wear in particular is a result of society moving in an inarguably positive direction. Therefore, designers will continue to experiment with sporty designs.

Also observe the current cultural climate to spot the next lifestyle trend and from there fashions will follow…

…Stay tuned.








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