Minimalism: Adderall for the Fashion Girl


There is something so therapeutic about simplicity. In the age where information is thrown at us on an accelerating conveyor belt, our attention-deficit selves need some relief. Call me crazy but a crisp white blouse is my Xanax.

I’m not talking simplicity as if we should become prototypes wearing matching gray suits styled by our communist dictator. It’s all about the crisp but nuanced cleanliness . A sole cutout, trumpeted sleeve, or innovative cut is more intriguing when it’s not fighting for attention.

Minimalism is a prescription for millennials. Not only do we want it – we need it. Relive that stress you endure when you log onto an outdated website with 30 links and horribly clashing colors. Now picture an interface with a black and white design with an organized cubic format. So beautiful I could cry.

I now stumble across Lady Gaga wearing a meat costume, hyperventilate, and then treat myself to Reformation’s new simple slip dress collection: the downward dog of the fashion world.



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