The Art of Cocooning in a Stylish World

The Art of Cocooning in a Stylish World


One of the most wonderful trends to ever hit the mass market is the practice of cocooning. Sounds like a fairytale but the art of becoming the filling in a blanket burrito is something that marketing professionals adapt to when targeting and positioning brands. It may seem rudimentary but researchers have been studying the state of hibernation for years. Pioneering trend forecaster, Faith Popcorn, kickstarted her career after conceiving the trend and then predicting its evolution through the coming decades.

We could call it self-preservation, but we could also admit that cuddling is exponentially better than small talk and that the purest form of excitement is accepting a delivery order (unless they forget the dipping sauce, that’s called trauma.)

Despite how we perceive its inevitability, cocooning is ever-lasting and constantly evolving in tandem with tech, cultural norms, and shifting politics.

In the past few years, cocooning has attracted synonymous phrases such as hygge, self-care, and the act of Netflixing prior to chilling. These buzz-worthy terms have been slapped onto endless content, coverage, and how-tos on perfecting the art of embracing comfort.

As the obsession increases, the only place we have yet to apply protective cashmere padding is out the door and into the streets.

So, if you’re looking for both sartorial approval and those warm and fuzzy feels, here are some options.

Blanket, Scarf, Tomayto, Tomahto

scarfOne could say a scarf is a skinny strip of material meant to be worn solely around the neck. One could also say life is a spectrum and that your couch’s accessory could also be your own. I’m a progressive, so I lean towards the latter. If you fear you’ll end up channeling a Rugrats character, fear not because there are many ways to wear your blankey in a sartorially-approved manner. First off, add a belt to the mix to introduce a silhouette to your shroud. Or, let it be the pop of color to a neutral/monotone outfit. Plus, when faced with harrowing social interactions, feel free to swaddle yourself on-the-go.

Divert Attention To The Shoes

bootsWhen in doubt, or at least when facing an outfit roadblock, do the following: find a show stoppin’ shoe, comfortable pants or a breezy skirt with tights, and top it all off with your favorite sweater. It’s a high-low mix that involves the least amount of effort, shows off your new patterned slouch boots, AND makes you feel like you’re in an eternal hug. If you’re feeling an ounce of ambition, add statement earrings or a baker boy cap.

Wear Anything, Literally Anything, that is Monochromatic


One of the most successful optical illusions is the allure of the monochromatic ensemble. The boldness of donning a singular tone outperforms other aspects of dress, allowing a wearer to experiment with forgiving shapes. If your go-to silhouette of the season is a potato sack with legs, you can confidently proceed as long as you’re in a consistent shade of periwinkle, or go for a power red that makes you appear daring rather than bloated.



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