Trend Alert: The Middle Finger

2017 is a different kind of year. We have a reeling populace that’s heartbroken, confused, and empowered. The spirit is palatable, and more of a civic duty rather than a mere inclination. With the issues of the world becoming apparent rather than suggested or known only to a few… they have seeped into our consciousness and into our portrayal of selves.

With corruption comes anarchy, and a celebration of individuality. Artists, activists, and entrepreneurs have rolled through leaving a wake of inspiration, fearlessness, and a “why the fuck not?” message in the sand.

Our history shows a correlation between civil discourse and fashion. Whether it’s the hippies of the 60’s or the underground punk scene, it’s no secret what these looks represented. The difference between then and now is the spread of information and the bulk of the opposition. Anarchy style is less defined and more mainstream. It ranges from a liberated nipple to leather pants to prickly legs because shaving comes second to overthrowing a dictator on our priority list.

If you were to attend a protest today you would see varying styles, even those considered ‘conservative.’ This is because the rumblings of objections are so visible and ubiquitous. We’re past the age of word-of-mouth amongst subcultures, where groupthink expanded past politics and into bellbottoms for all. We have landed into an era where everyone owns a megaphone and a sense of individuality, which I think is pretty damn cool.

So, how do you find your anarchy look? Wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, floss (maybe) and wear whatever you fucking please. Whether you’re rocking a Nasty Woman tee or just managed to put on socks, you’re on trend. Just make sure you have your voice and a shiny matching middle finger.