Most Valuable Players: 2018’s Best Street Style Stars


The MVPs of Fashion Week Street Style


New York Fashion Week is merely minutes away from its commencement. Soon, the streets will be flooded with swarms of eclectic puffer coats, mismatched patterns, and some type of high-fashion sleeping bag to combat the subzero NYC temperatures (spoiler alert: this will be me).

The swirling colors of Balenciaga, the western sheen of Calvin Klein, and the muted condom-colored tones of Yeezy will invite the flashing lights of the paparazzi, eager to snap photos of the high-profile mannequins who dominate the stratosphere of fashion publicity.

While celebrities naturally receive the most coverage, beyond the flashing lights and hoards of security details are a stylish set of human beings who dress themselves and have managed to climb the ranks to get to their enviable positions today. Considering fashion week is a celebration of the brilliant minds that add creative integrity to the industry, I find it appropriate to redirect the spotlight to the self-made movers and shakers.

Here are just a few to add to your inspirational queue.

Emili Sindlev
Stylist at Eurowoman Magazine


I’ve recently become obsessed with Scandinavian influencers, as their luxe tastes and uncanny layering abilities make them a prototype for sartorial success. Emili Sindlev is the embodiment of Nordic chic gone rogue with her genius pattern pairings, mastery of textures, and affinity to the perfect sock-heel combo.

Jeanette Friis Madsen
Editor at COSTUME Magazine


Jeanette Friss Madsen also hails from northern Europe and brings with her an elegant romance enlivened with contrasting hues and an enviable trouser collection. After stumbling through her Instagram, I immediately bought four new pairs of vibrant wide-legged slacks and solemnly swore to finally attempt to wear a dress with pants.

Pholoso Selebogo
Stylist & Art Director


Pholoso Selebongo was recently shot by Danish photographer Søren Jepson on the streets at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Selebongo wore a simple orange quilted coat with a baby pink scarf wrapped delicately around her head. Boasting mastery of color coordination and the maintaining of body warmth, Pholoso conquered the art of cocooning in style.

Darja Barannik
Fashion Editor


Darja Barannik has the coveted ability to streamline an outfit, aka create a consistency in style, color, texture, etc, and then add a curveball aesthetic to tie it all together. Typically her sartorial plot twist is a crazy shoe that adds extra personality to a monochromatic ensemble. It’s an approach we should all take in life. Barannik embodies a structured 9-5 schedule with a hint of spontaneity. She’s like Eileen from accounting who gets wasted at company events, yet lives to tell the tale at 9am the next morning. Moral of the story is we should all be like Darja and Eileen.

Interested in more out-of-the-box styling tips? Click here for inspiration courtesy of Men’s Fashion Week.

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